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TCf National Website. Based in Illinois.

TCF National Office
P.O. Box 3696
Oak Brook, IL 60522-3696
Toll-Free 877.969.0010

Eastside TCF
P.O. Box 358
Kirkland, WA 98083-0358

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The Compassionate Friends / Kirkland WA

Welcome to the Eastside TCF website

Juli Lund 425-765-1382
Ron Gallacher 425-444-3606

This web site is dedicated to the memory of all our children.

Hope is not an easy word for grievers,
but we, more than most others
need to understand
what Hope can mean for us.

Hope means finding the strength
to live with grief.
Hope means nurturing with grace
the joy of remembrance.

Hope means embracing
with tenderness and pride
our own life
and the gifts left to us
by those we have lost.
- by Sasha Wagner