"Welcome To New Friends"

At nearly every meeting, we welcome new members to our group, always with mixed emotions. We are glad you found us, but we are sorry for the circumstances that bring us together. We understand your pain, and we hope our unconditional friendship and understanding will help you through your grief.

Attending a meeting for the first two or three times takes courage, but for many it is the first real step toward healing. It may seem overwhelming, so we encourage you to come to several meetings to give yourself a chance to become more comfortable.

"What Happens During a Meeting"

What is said or happens during a meeting is confidential. You do not have to speak.

Sometimes just making it to a meeting is enough. Give TCF meetings at least three meetings before deciding if TCF is or isn't for you.

Chapter meetings are usually run as follows:
 •  An introduction and greeting by the chapter leader.
 •  The chapter leader acknowledges any "Newcomers" to the circle.
 •  Chapter business announcements, etc.
 •  Introductory circle. Each member states their name, their child's name followed by a brief statement on the circumstances of the child's death.
 •  A short break for bathrooms, refreshments, and taking a deep breath.
 •  Sharing circles. Depending upon the circumstances and the number of attendees, the meeting will break into two or more sharing circles of 10-12 members each. Four or more "newcomers" warrants a sharing circle to "newcomers and second-timers", which the chapter leader facilitates.
 •  The sharing circle is where you may share the issues and concerns that you have about your child's death, also the time where you will get a nugget of information that may help you in your grief journey.
 •  At a designated time, the meeting will be completed. Each chapter differs, but some will form a circle for silent remembrance. You can, and usually will, make new friends.
 •  Cleanup. Please assist in leaving the meeting room and outside areas as clean as possible.